In addition to investing in production machinery, we have also ensured that our data management capabilities are second to none. We have invested in Enterprise Print, a full server based solution using XMPie, the market leading technology for producing personalised print and digital media communications.

XMPie enables us to interface massive amounts of variable data into our print and digital media projects. As well as more traditional Direct Mailing applications, XMPie offers the flexibility to be able to program how a creative piece of artwork adapts and changes its style based on a variable data set.

We can quickly and easily create, edit and update variable layouts, all within industry-standard Adobe InDesign. Linking to a simple data source such as an Excel or CSV file we can connect data with text, graphic and style elements to create variable designs. Customers can be divided into different Personas, each with its own campaign logic and rules resulting in different messaging and offers for each customer.  

XMPie unlocks a whole new dimension of personalised print. Feel free to call us to discuss how Variable Data Print can enhance your business and unlock the potential of effective communication with your clients.



In 2016, Replica Solutions merged with TCW Solutions, a company specialising in digital printing & finishing. Replica & TCW combine to provide a 360 degree service which encompasses

  • Development of display & POS solutions

  • Creative dummy display products

  • Graphic design & artwork management

  • Print production & finishing

  • Collation tailored to ensure each store gets exactly what they need

  • Packing process designed to make in-store implementation as easy as possible

  • Direct to store deliveries

  • Single point of contact for stores needing replacement POS